Dinner for Eight

Posted on January 03, 2019 in: General News

Take  the time to make new friends or renew acquaintances by joining “Dinner for Eight”.  Adults of all ages-couples-and singles-gather in groups of 8, four times a year, to enjoy fellowship and food.  Each gathering is hosted in a different home with the hosts preparing the entree and providing drinks, and the rest of the group bringing dishes to compliment the meat.

All who wish to participate in 2019 must sign up by January 7th. 

The “Kick-Off Party” will be Saturday, February 2nd, after the 4:00OH Mass, for all participants.  The summer picnic will be held in August.

Too busy to join another group? Think again! This group only meets 6 times a year.  To sign up again or for the first time (or if you have questions), please contact Beth Bedinghaus at 417.224.4614.